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 AIS-SART S.702 - EU, MED and FCC Approved!                                      

The S.702 AIS-SART from SevenStar utilises the most sophisticated digital signal processing and software algorithms to implement and exceed the requirements of the IEC specifications.

AIS technology has 'come of age' and a SART based on AIS has now been added to the IEC 61097 specification for GMDSS by the IEC and IMO. From Oct 2012 AIS-SARTs can be approved to the 'Wheelmark' system legislated by the EU Marine Equipment Directive and recognised globally.


   A SART is part of the Global Maritime Distress & Safety System ('Search And Rescue Transponder')

   It is primarily used to locate survivors quickly after a maritime incident

   It transmits information to potential rescuers giving them the current position



   Complies with IEC 61097-14 Ed 1, IEC 60945 Ed 4, ITU-R M.1371-4, IEC 61108-1

   MED 'Wheelmark' approved

   FCC and Ind. Canada compliant

   When activated, transmits its location to potential rescuers over the universal AIS system, plus the 'SART Active' message

   161.975 and 162.025MHz channels (AIS1 and AIS2)

   50 channel internal GPS receiver

   <40s cold start typ

   Output power > 1W EIRP

   10nm typ range

   Non-haz Lithium battery (5 yr life)

   Min operate time 96hrs

   LED indications for 'ON', test, GPS

   'ON' switch protected by break-off tab

   Operating temp: -20 to +55 degC

   Mounting bracket for bulkhead

   1m telescopic pole mount option

   10m buoyant tether/lanyard

   Carry bag option



   It contains an integral GPS receiver and antenna

   When activated, it locks on to the GPS satellite system, and then  transmits its position and identity, plus the 'SART ACTIVE' message

   It transmits this data in bursts of 8, timed to maximise transmit range

   Works with all existing Class A and Class B equipment and shore stations, and all AIS receiving and monitoring equipment

   Non-haz batteries - easy shipment

   Includes optional 1m mounting pole


GMDSS rules state that all applicable vessels above 300 gross tonnes must carry at least one SART, and those above 500 gross tonnes at least two SARTs. SARTs have now proven invaluable in rapidly locating survivors so much so that SOLAS requirements now specify SARTs to also be fitted to life rafts in Ro-Ro ferries.

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